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This location contains some of the absolute wild  invention fun stuff: the research  segment of Free Enterprises. These images are of a project that was wild at the time.  .  .1977 through 1982: A monohull recumbent boat with twin screws, and made entirely up of sheet metal.

We also can't have a research page without bringing  up another image of the "Orbital " class human powered hydrofoil.We were the first ones to successfully introduce  "hands" into human powered hydrofoiling. With the extra 20% or so power provided , the human powered hydrofoil "New Fisics"  won the 100m sprint  at the 1997 US national human powered boat championships.

Since Free Enterprises  sells huge amounts of propellers & human powered boat drive units, research is very  active in this area. This image is of one of our early experiments with surface piercing propellers.

The advantages of this system include all bearings above the water, Low velocity, high torque for extreme effeciency, and durability, and a human powered boat drive system with THREE MOVING PARTS! The trimaran in the image below is doing a comfortable four knots.

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