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eighteen foot shell

We build fiberglass, Carbon fiber, carbon hybrid & other composite hulls

V- bottom single seat catamaran

Kits, components, for catamarans, proas, canoes kayaks & other displacement boats

A catamaran (right)is where  there are 2 hulls, same size. A trimaran has three; a proa (below) has a slender (often unstable) canoe hull with a stabilizing outrigger. This one, also seen on the proa page, uses a compact beachable "flip-up" drive unit centered over the water to evenly balance thrust between the differing drags of the main hull and the outrigger. The 'unbalanced catamaran' type of proa (as opposed to large canoe carrying all the displacement with stabilising outrigger on one or both sides) was inspired by a traditional design from Pelelu.

Free Enterprises was the first in the world to bring out a pedaled boat of this type. The OP-1 (that's outrigger 'pedaled'; one person). It has done very well representing a fast, stable, easily assembled durable new class of human powered boat! The effectiveness of the design is demonstrated by the OP-1 "Spirit" winning the Hydrobowl Points Series for the last two years in a row.

Human powered Proa drive unit is retracted on the proa

Free Enterprises propeller specs for displacement boats:

HR 2 : fast lite lo resistance; single seat, economical carbon fiber

JME-2 : lo resistance; little more power, maybe two rider, hi performance catamaran, proa, etc, light kinetic sculpture

TSA: hi thrust; multi person, kinetic sculpture, hi payload, submersable

HR-3 see HR 2 'cept more power

GLM-2 X-treme lo resistance; boat 40 lb or less, hi performance

more different kinds of propellers

pedalcanoeThe boat in the picture here was made a long time ago. It  is built from sheet metal and has twin screws rotating in the opposite direction.

More about research & development (invention & crazy stuff)

More about propeller and part specifications

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